Vegan Mayo with Spirulina Bio Sauce 130g Severino Becagli

Severino Becagli




This sauce made with Severino Becagli’s fresh Spirulina, is produced by a renowned company that reinterprets the traditional flavors with wisdom and originality, starting from simple, healthy and high-quality ingredients. ‘Salsa Becagli’ is velvety, delicate and creamy like a classic mayonnaise but it is completely vegan and has all the benefits of fresh Spirulina which is rich in proteins, vitamins and antioxidants. In order to maintain the wholesomeness and natural taste of the ingredients, the jars are pasteurized while vacuum-sealed at a low temperature. This sauce can be used to enrich vegetarian and meat dishes alike. Try it in sandwiches, salads or with boiled meat and carpaccios.

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