Pedavena Superior Gluten Free 5.2% (33cl)






Since 1897 the tradition, the passion, the search for quality and the experience of the brewing tradition have been handed down "beer after beer" thanks to the skills of the master brewers.

After many years of study, processing and improvement, Fabbrica di Pedavena presents Premium Gluten-Free Beer, whose production is constantly monitored by experts in order to obtain the best product both in the conscious choice of ingredients and in the definition of taste.

A full and decisive taste that makes Premium Gluten Free Beer unique in its kind: suitable for gluten intolerant people who want to taste a real beer, with organoleptic qualities and sensory characteristics unaltered compared to traditional beer.

Product details

Classification: Gluten-free beer
ABV: 4.8% Vol
Taste: Full and persistent
Bitterness: Fine and balanced
Colour: Straw yellow
Foam: Fine and persistent
Fermentation: Low
Serving temperature: 7-8ºC

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