Organic Penne Rigate with Italian Spirulina 250g Severino Becagli

Severino Becagli

Dry Pasta



Pasta with Severino Becagli’s Spirulina is prepared with durum wheat semolina and water, without the addition of food coloring or preservatives. The same care and attention that we use in producing our bronze-drawn pasta is applied to the careful selection of raw materials. We are proud to offer to the consumer a short production chain and high-quality product. Drying at low temperature allows to obtain a more easily digestible product, which maintains the taste and integrity of our precious ingredients. Thanks to the presence of our Spirulina, this pasta contains more protein and has a lower glycemic index; also, the high content of beta-carotene in the alga prevents cellular aging and eliminates free-radicals more easily. Our pasta with spirulina is a healthy and versatile product that can be accompanied by any type of sauce or condiment and will enhance any meal’s taste and presentation.

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