Samperi Peaches (300g)



It is a particular late peach that is grown only in Leonforte in Sicily. It has the particularity of being bagged directly on the tree to avoid the use of insecticides. In addition to protection from insects, the parchment paper bag allows Samperi to collect it when fully ripe, preserving its authentic flavor without sacrificing its sustainability.

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Thanks to the paper bags can leave the peaches on the tree until they are fully ripe and perfectly sweet. That is why Samperi is a Slow Food Presidio. Peach in the Bag is available all year round in syrup according to the traditional recipe without chemical peeling and without preservatives.



The Samperi farm is a Slow Food presidium. At the center of its identity is the famous "peach in the bag", grown in the heart of Sicily in Leonforte, it is a late percoca that ripens from September to October. In June, when the peaches are the size of an almond, they are bagged one by one directly on the tree, so as to avoid the massive use of insecticides. During the hot Sicilian summer, the fruit absorbs the sun's rays that pass through the paper bag and transforms them into natural sugar.