Frantoio St. Agata Cod in oil (200g)


Passion, tradition and profound love for Italy and its ingredients.

Top quality cod fillets, fished in the Northern seas and processed fresh, steamed and preserved in olive oil. Ready to use, for a fresh seafood pasta or a salad of potatoes and Taggiasca olives.

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SKU: AGAT-1010032

Brand:  Frantoio S. Agata
Pack size:  200g


Frantoio S.Agata

The history of the olive oil mill of Sant’Agata d’Oneglia and the Mela family is inextricably linked to the history of Taggiasca olive trees: a variety which was introduced to the west coast of Liguria by Benedictine monks in 1600. In 1827, the Mela family began to dedicate themselves to the production of extra virgin olive oil, pressing the sweet, tasty Taggiasca olives with the help of the village’s small stone press, which was operated by expending great physical effort. Nowadays more modern equipment has replaced the old methods of production, however, the principles underlying the production of olive oil remain unaltered.