B-Langhe Mixed Cuneesi (200g)



A traditional specialty of the ancient Piedmontese chocolate art

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A traditional specialty of the ancient Piedmontese chocolate art: a soft cream wrapped in a thin and crunchy layer of fine dark chocolate.
The contrast between the delicacy of the chocolate and the intense flavor of the cream creates a memorable pleasure.
Each Cuneo area contains its own character, the classic rum, the fresh hazelnut, the aromatic Barolo Chinato, and so on … for the palate it is a delightful game to discover them all to finally find yourself in one of them.



Born in 1977 in the privacy of an artisan workshop, B.Langhe was a small biscuit factory that overlooked one of the streets in the city center of Alba.
A great desire to work, creativity and entrepreneurial courage soon led the small laboratory to become the solid company that has become today a reality recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The excellent raw materials, the fullness of the hazelnuts of those hills, the character of the best cocoa, the incredible aromas of selected spirits and wines, create these fantastic products