In Italy there are 1200 local grape varieties and Roberto together with The Winesider has been looking for the most uncommon and noble labels, with meticulous research that goes north to south and east to west. Over the years Roberto has understood many things about wines and has met countless wine producers, farmers and sommeliers, some of them extremely knowledgeable, some others a bit unreliable, but he can surely name them all.. 


1. SP68 Bianco, Terre Siciliane IGT, Biodynamic, 2017

Bianco is composed of Albanello and Zibibbo grapes grown and vinified following biodynamic viticulture practices. The nose is clean, crisp, with yellow fruit and medlar. Pulpy mouth but at the same time tense, also thanks to an evident savory finish. 

Region: Sicily 

Producer: Arianna Occhipinti

Grapes: 60% Muscat of Alessandria, 40% Albenello 

ABV: 12.0% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Fish and cheeses

2. La Meirana Gavi DOCG 2017

Label dedicated to the estate, whose ancient reputation is documented in a text prior to the year one thousand. If whoever arrives better first stays, it goes without saying that this has always been one of the most suitable areas for Cortese, the grape used to make Gavi. The absence of wood during winemaking highlights a fresh sip and a nice sweet-salty contrast. 

Region: Piedmont 

Producer: Broglia

Grapes: Cortese di Gavi 

ABV: 12.5% / 0.75cl 

Good with seafood, vegetables and fish

3. Giunco, Vermentino di Sardegna DOC, 2017

The Giunco ​​is the Vermentino of Sardinia that the Cantina Mesa produces in the Sulcis territory with a result of a unique and rare quality. Raised with the technique of the spurred cordon espalier on sandy soil and with a good skeleton, it is macerated for two months in steel and for two in the bottle, presenting the straw color with a straw yellow color. The nose releases exotic fruit, especially mango and white peach. 

Region: Sardinia 

Producer: Cantina Mesa

Grapes: 100% Vermentino 

ABV: 13.0% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Fish and vegetables

4. Ruländer, Alto Adige DOC, 2017

Ruländer is the German name for Pinot Grigio. As well as the choice of name, the wine is also not the usual Pinot Grigio. The scents are fresh and very clean. The sip is direct, varietal, even endowed with complexity. Excellent matching ability at the table. 

Region: Trentino Alto Adige 

Producer: Ceo

Grape: 100% Pinot Grigio 

ABV: 12.0% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Fish and vegetables

5. 168 Bianco, Rubicone IGT, N/V

Trebbiano fresh, slightly acidic, with hints of flowers, excellent also throughout the meal. 

Region: Emilia Romagna 

Producer: Enio Ottaviani

Grape: 100% Trebbiano 

ABV: 12.5% / 0.75cl 

Good with: White meat and fish

6. Verdicchio Di Matelica DOC, 2016

Verdicchio di Montagna. No joke, remembering an old advertisement, because we are dealing with a very serious wine, since it represents one of the quality points of Verdicchio di Matelica, as well as a great ageing white. Scents of cedar, bergamot, salt and spices. Vinification in steel gives us a real sip, rich in matter, without forgetting elegance. At ease even with a roast pork. 

Region: Marche

Producer: La Monacesca

Grape: 100% Verdicchio 

ABV: 13.5% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Fish, seafood and white meats

7. Spigau Crociata, S.D., 2010

Spigau Crusade is a pure and authentic expression of the Ligurian Pigato, called precisely in the dialect "pigau", which is produced with indigenous yeasts, maceration on the skins for 10 days and ages for at least 12 months in large steel tanks. The bouquet of Mediterranean scrub, honey and almonds spreads from a fresh and soft, intense and full-bodied structure, guided by a pleasant sapid-mineral vein. 

Region: Liguria 

Producer: Le Rocche del Gatto

Grape: 100% Pigato 

ABV: 13.5% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Fish, seafood and white meat

8. Ravello Bianco, Costa d'Amalfi DOC, 2018

Straw yellow colour with greenish reflections and characteristic fruity aroma mixed with floral notes. Balanced flavour supported by a slight acidulous note which increases its aromatic freshness. 

Region: Campania 

Producer: Marisa Cuomo

Grape: 60% Falanghina, 40% Biancolella 

ABV: 13.5% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Fish, seafood and white meats

9. Friulano, Friuli DOC, 2017

From a very old estate, a white of true territorial adherence and equally great ability to match at the table. Tropical yellow fruit mixes, especially during the tasting phase, with drier notes of citrus peel. 

Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia 

Producer: Tenuta Beltrame

Grape: 100% Friulian 

ABV: 13.0% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Fish, seafood and white meats