Cook Time
Prep: 45 min cook: 45 min

Difficulty Level

8 people


For the Stuffing: 

Fresh Chard: 500g

Yogurt: 50g
Ricotta Casolare del 90: 500g

….you should use the "prescinseua" a traditional genoese soft cheese, 

but by mixing yogurt to the ricotta you can obtain a similar taste...           
Eggs: 12 each
Parmigiano Reggiano 13 months - grated: 190g
Onions: 100g
Marjoram: 3 stems
Nutmeg: A pinch
Salt & Pepper: Seasoning to taste
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 25ml

For the Pastry:
 Farina Bongiovanni "00": 600g
Water: 350ml
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 35ml
Salt: A pinch 


1. First thing to do for the Torta Pasqualina is the Pastry!
2. You'll need 4 layers of pastry in total, 2 for the bottom and 2 for the top…
3.In a large bowl, add the salt to the water then add the flour
4. Start to work the dough hard until it's as smooth as a baby's skin and as elastic as a rubber band… …..let's say 10 minutes!
5. Divide the dough in 4 dough balls….let it rest, and yourself!
6. Have you added the pinch of salt?! Have a sip of wine… or 2!
7. Let's make the stuffing! Ready?
8. Pan-fry the chopped onion with the EVO Oil until soft and golden… add the FRESH chard 
9. Season with salt & pepper but think about your blood pressure! Let it cool… finely chop it! 

10. Let it drain to remove excess water…
11. Transfer to a bowl and stir in 2 eggs and 50g of Reggiano…
12. Add the chopped majoram and a pinch of nutmeg... set aside
13. Get the amazing Ricotta… don't taste it or you won't stop!
14. Mix in 3 eggs, the rest of the Reggiano and another touch of nutmeg….
15. Prep is DONE…. Almost! Preheat the oven to 160°C
16. Take a dough ball and stretch it as thin as you can….
17. Cover the base and side of a baking tray. Brush it with EVO Oil and repeat the process with another dough ball…
18. Add the spinach mix, ensuring it is uniformly spread

19. Then, top with the ricotta. Separate the yolk and the whites of the remaining 8 eggs…  Just kidding, don't worry… 7 eggs 

20. With the back of a spoon, create 7 hollows in the ricotta…. and, with the help of some care, add the yolks to each hollow… 

21. In a bowl, beat the whites and pour them on top! Almost there. Almost! 

22. Take the last 2 dough balls and stretch them as thin as you can…. 

23. Layer them on top with some EVO Oil in between the sheets... and a bit on top!… Seal it properly! 

24. Now we're DONE… Seriously! Pre-heat the oven to 160°C… Should've been done already! 

25. Bake for 45 minutes…. When almost will have your neighbours knocking on your door! 

26. Try to resist another 10 minutes before cutting it!