Red wine selection



In Italy there are 1200 local grape varieties and Roberto together with The Winesider has been looking for the most uncommon and noble labels, with meticulous research that goes north to south and east to west. Over the years Roberto has understood many things about wines and has met countless wine producers, farmers and sommeliers, some of them extremely knowledgeable, some others a bit unreliable, but he can surely name them all. 



1. Botonero, Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio IGT, 2017

Nebbiolo climbs the land of the province of Sondrio, expressing here a delicate trait, full of pleasantness and drink. Sharp aromas of wild strawberry and withered flowers. A sensational duo, in wonder and perception, which we also find in the mouth. Excellent with long cooking meats, it does not disfigure even with some seafood preparation. 

Region: Lombardy 

Producer: Mamete Prevostini

Grapes: 100% Nebbiolo 

ABV: 13.0% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Red meats and cold cuts

2. Primo Scuro, Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, 2018

An Isola dei Nuraghi IGT made from Cannonau grapes. Ruby red colour, aroma of good intensity with hints of ripe red fruit, small fruits and violet notes. Harmonious and full-bodied taste with a warm and persistent finish. Excellent structure with soft tannins, fruity flavour. 

Region: Sardinia 

Producer: Cantina Mesa

Grape: 100% Connonau 

ABV: 13.0% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Red meats and cheeses

3. Pellirosso Negroamaro, Salento IGT, 2016

For lovers of Apulian wines, the Coppi cellar is a real treat to be discovered, each bottle offers incredible quality and drinkability. The Negroamaro Pellirosso has an important structure but without being too intrusive and conquers with particular sensations of blackberry. 

Region: Puglia 

Producer: Coppi

Grape: 100% Negroamaro 

ABV: 12.5% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Red meats and cold cuts

4. Furore Rosso, Costa d'Amalfi DOC, 2017

Piedirosso and Aglianico, almost in equal parts, a refinement in wood for only six months and you will have a red of character that however does not give up a marked drinkability. Clear flavors of cherry and sweet spices. Elegant tannin. At the table he marries an octopus alla Luciana but also a grilled pork ribs. 

Region: Campania 

Producer: Marisa Cuomo

Grapes: 50% Piedirosso, 50% Aglianico 

ABV: 13.5% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Red meats, white meats and cheeses

5. Le Rocche Del Gatto, Rossese, Riviera Ligure di Ponente DOC, 2017

An all-meal wine, easy to accompany due to that liveliness that makes it easy to drink and very palatable. It is born with a careful vinification in contact with the skins for three weeks, with a temperature control suitable to safeguard the primary aromas of berries, typical of the grape in question. 

Region: Liguria 

Producer: La Roche del Gatto

Grape: 100% Rossesse 

ABV: 12.5% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Red and white meats

6. Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Abruzzo DOC, 2017

Local wine produced by one of the reference producers. Rich in character and "personality". Vinified and left to mature in steel tanks, it is a wine to be enjoyed young, a perfect table companion and easy to combine. 

Region: Abruzzo 

Producer: Masciarelli

Grape: 100% Montepulciano 

ABV: 13.0% / 0.75cl 

Good with:  Red meats

7. Primalba BIO Romagna DOC (2018)

Sangiovese that maintains its aromatic identity intact thanks to the use of cement during winemaking. This gives us an immediate wine, which expresses all the sincere verve of the grape, thanks to the scents of violet and durola from Vignola. In the mouth it has fruity momentum and great drinkability. Unbeatable with grilled mutton. 

Region: Emilia Romagna 

Producer: Enio Ottaviani

Grape: 100% Sangiovese 

ABV: 12.0% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Red meats and cold cuts

8. Dolcetto d’Alba DOC, 2016

Remove a consonant from the name of the municipality where this Dolcetto is produced and you will have the clearest descriptor that appears, especially in youth, within this label. The whole sip then moves around the blackberry, now complemented by spicy notes (clove and ginger) now by suggestions reminiscent of ash. Well integrated tannins. 

Region: Piedmont 

Producer: Saglietti

Grape: 100% Dolcetto 

ABV: 12.5% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Red meats, cold cuts and cheeses

9. Hexenbichler Vernatsch/Shiava, Suditrol DOC,2017

A fresh, immediate and very pleasant wine.Indigenous to the region with a light tannic structure; of a light ruby red to an intense ruby red colour. On the palate, sensations of bitter almond, accompanied by fruity hints. 

Region: Trentino Alto Adige 

Producer: Cantina Tramin

Grape: Chardonnay 

ABV: 13% / 0.75cl 

Good with: White meats and cheeses

10. Rosso di Montalcino DOC, 2016

Immediate Sangiovese with fragrant aromas and flavours rich in fruity verism, such as those that patrol the world of cherry. However, a Brunello of lower rank should never be considered. Acid but elegant tannin. 

Region: Tuscany 

Producer:  Società Agricola Belpoggio 

Grape: 100% Sangiovese 

ABV: 13.0% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Red meats and cold cuts

11. Merlot, Friuli Aquileia DOC, 2016

Black fruit, balsamic notes and touches of graphite on the nose. The sip is fluent, well-paced and not too tough. The matching ability earns a lot. The tannin is felt but it is velvet. Great persistence after tasting. 

Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia 

Producer: Tenuta Beltrame

Grape: 100% Merlot 

ABV: 12.5% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Red meats and cold cuts

12. Teodosio Aglianico, Aglianico Del Vulture BIO 2015

The emperor's head that we find on the coin that characterizes the company's symbol also gives its name to this wine, obtained from one of the most suitable areas for Aglianico: Barrel. Berries, plum and goudron are just a few descriptors of a complex and powerful mouth. 

Region: Basilicata

Producer: Basilisco 

Grape: 100% Aglianico 

ABV: 14.0% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Red meats and cold cuts

13. Carusu, Etna DOC, 2015

Etna wine in which the Nerello Cappuccio is flanked by Nerello Mascalese, an equally typical though not so elegant variety. The second variety is however useful in giving the wine greater volume when tasting. Refine in wood. Sip full of sensations of cassis, blackberry and other berries. Salty finish and harmonic tannins. Try it at the table with eggplant parmesan. 

 Region: Sicily 

Producer: Terrazze dell'Etna

Grape: 80% Nerello Mascalese, 20% Nerello Cappuccio 

ABV: 14.0% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Red meats and cold cuts

14. Valpolicella Ripasso BIO (2016) 

Fidora Monte Tabor, Ripasso Bio, Valpolicella Ripasso DOC, 2016Thanks to the process of macerating Valpolicella grapes with already fermented pomace previously dried for the production of Recioto and Amarone, Ripasso has a lower acidity than Amarone, a rounder taste and a higher alcohol content. Ripasso Fidora derives from grapes grown according to the dictates of organic agriculture, on calcareous soil. Perfect for aging in order to bring out the aromas of ripe red fruit that characterize this type of wine so much. 

Region: Veneto 

Producer: Fidora Monte Tabor

Grape: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella 

ABV: 14.0% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Red meats and cold cuts

15. Ziggurat. Montefalco Rosso DOC, BIO, 2017

Sagrantino meets Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet for a powerful result on the palate. The aromas of the individual grapes merge to find a new harmony that reminds the nose of cherry, cloves and balsamic notes. On the palate the balance that was created during the aging in wood is revealed in all its strength making this wine perfect for an aging of several years. Award-winning over the past few years, it is one of the masterpieces of Tenute Lunelli. 

Region: Umbria 

Producer: Tenuta Lunelli

Grape: 70% Sangiovese; 15% Sagrantino; 15% Cabernet and Merlot 

ABV: 13.5% / 0.75cl 

Good with: Red meats and cold cuts