the roberto costa philosophy

"I have known the greatest producers, winemakers and sommeliers.... but I have decided to select only a few of them. The ones who are small in size but have a great heart. The ones that deserve to be discovered. It is difficult here in London to find wines from small producers that will offer you the true Italian experience; wines from every region, each with their own peculiarities."

The Roberto Costa Wine Collection together with The Winesider offers you wine from boutique wineries; small producers who are not presented or well distributed in the UK. Where the price and quality is guaranteed "noi le chiamiamo chicche" - we call them goodies.

Why? An exclusivity that other distributors cannot guarantee. No price competition, no need for a discount approach. We offer unknown, yet outstanding wines that are not available through other outlets.

When it comes to selecting our wines, we use the same philosophy as we do for our food.... every one is a discovery and one we are excited to bring to your table.

Come with us as Roberto takes you through the wine regions of Italy and he will introduce you to some outstanding producers and their extraordinary wines.