There is an area of land In the heart of Tuscany that, for three generations, has been cultivated with great care and passion by the same family - La Famiglia Floriddia

The story began in the 1950s when the head of the family, Carmelo, moved away from his homeland of Sicily to set up his own farming business. He settled in Tuscany and, with the help of his son Rosario slowly developed a farming method that combined the use of machinery with traditional methods of cultivation that respect the land and the soil. Today, Rosario's son Carmelo Jr has also joined the business and together, they have grown the farm to what it is today. The top quality organic pulses that are grown here are combined with world famous 'Carnaroli' rice to produce a gluten free pasta that is as easy to cook and as tasty as traditional pasta made with durum wheat.

We are pleased and honoured to include this exceptional pasta in the CasaCosta collection.