Pasta from Gragnano is said to be the best in the world. Located south of Mt. Vesuvius and a short drive from Sorrento, Gragnano is sheltered by the Alpenine Mountains and benefits from the Via Roma sea breeze that carries moist air in from the coast and creates the perfect drying conditions.

This is where Gerardo di Nola was founded in 1870, owned by the Vitale family. Today as then, they use only top quality Italian durum wheat semolina, mix it with Monte Faito spring water and draw it through bronze nozzles to give the pasta exactly the right porosity for coating the sauce.

It is a real honour, born out of mutual respect, that CasaCosta can share branding with Gerardo di Nola, bringing true excellence and quality to this line of products. We are honoured to have this pasta in our range and are thankful to Gerardo di Nola for producing their pasta for us.