Ravioli Al Tocco

Ravioli Al Tocco

Extra-Ordinary INGREDIENTS:

Passion: All you have

Ravioli Beef & Spinach: 24 beauties

"Tocco" Sauce: 300g

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 1dessert spoon…or 3!

How to do it:

In a sauce pan, gently reheat the "Tocco" sauce with a pinch of Love…

Meanwhile, bring a large pan of salted water to boil

Once boiling, cook the "beauties" with your passion for as long as your heart thinks they are ready… …let say 4 minutes!

Drain the ravioli and add it to the "Tocco" , lower flame…

Add the Reggiano with the last pinch of Love and toss it with Passion...

Drizzle over the Extra-Ordinary Virgin Olive Oil 

Serve it on your favourite dish, quickly take a picture….

….and enjoy your journey of Italian flavour !!!

Cook Time

12min well spent

Difficulty Level



2 ppl