The value at the core Casacosta concept lies in the streamlining the food production processes for restaurants and catering services, while ensuring high quality for end consumers.

Casacosta provides an equipped and optimised space with talented chefs and high quality ingredients.

We are also in the process of launching our own online grocery store where anyone can buy exquisite ingredients and products from Italy that we love, as well as our branded items, like pasta, wine and more.

Production Kitchen

Partner with our production kitchen to streamline your restaurant food preparation processes. Contact us to discuss collaboration details.

Professional catering services

Casacosta provides catering services for special events.

Contact us to discuss the details of the event and get a quotation.

Online grocery store
(coming soon)

As soon as we launch our online grocery store platform, anyone will be able to buy our selected ingredients and products, branded pasta, wine and other items, as well as gift sets and cards.

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