About us

CasaCosta is more than a name… it’s a promise and a commitment.

CasaCosta is more than a name… it’s a promise and a commitment. To bring only the most authentic and refined ingredients to your table. The same ingredients that a very respected restaurateur like Roberto Costa uses to prepare delicious dishes every day.

Casa Costa is a project created by Roberto Costa, an Italian restaurateur who has opened more than forty restaurants in Italy, London and Miami. He has spent his whole career as an Ambassador for Italian cuisine and, thanks to his dedication, in May 2017 he became the first Gourmet Ambassador in his birth town of Genoa. As a true Italian, a passion for food is part of his DNA and what stimulates him most is the historical memory of each dish and product used. Those memories in his life that every meal takes him back to, like when he was stealing ravioli from his mother’s wooden kitchen table, or his last opening in Miami, all filled with intense emotion.

Our Store

461 North End Rd
London SW6 1NZ

Phone: +44 203 848 6830
Email: hello@casacosta.co.uk

Store Hours

Monday – Saturday 09:00 – 20:00
Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

Quality, Freshness & Authenticity

Roberto Costa’s passion for food and travel touches all aspects of his life. His commitment to sourcing the finest local ingredients from around Italy, ensuring that every product he offers delivers on its promise – quality, freshness & authenticity at its best!